Indonesian Buffet Saturday 29. February

Enjoy the wonderful ‘Taste of Indonesia BUFFET’ on Saturday 29. February.

Every week is a GOOD week. Last week we had a full house in the DIFF in Ban Amphur. The little restaurant is steadily building up it’s name and fame for that special Indonesian food, originating mainly from the Java island. Guests are coming back regularly now to enjoy the buffet and satisfy their craving for Indonesian food. And many bring new friends… that shows trust and appreciation, thank you!

Saturday 29. February the DIFF likes to welcome you again for a wonderful ‘Taste of Indonesia Buffet’. Try, taste and enjoy the typical Indonesian specialties. A perfect possibility to get to know all kind of ‘Indo food’. Bring your friends and relatives and have some culinary fun together! You can ‘eat-all-you-want’ for just 350 Baht (excluding drinks), time: 6-9 pm. Please make your reservation in time, because there are only 16 seats available.

A photo impression of the buffet:

This is what you can expect (dishes can change or switch without prior notice):

WARM DISHES:                                            COLD DISHES:

Ajam Ketjap Djawa (chicken)                       Sambal Goreng Tempeh

Babi Bessengek (pork)                                 Sambal Goreng Kentang

Tahoe Tauge Telor                                        Atjar Tjampoer / Atjar Kitimoen

Sajor Lodeh (vegetables)                             Gado Gado (vegetables)

Sambal Goreng Green Beans                      Krupuk / Emping Belinjo

Ajam Sate / Babi Sate                                  Pisang Goreng (banana)

Nasi Putih / Nasi Goreng                             Sambal oelek / Sambal badjak

You are welcome from 18.00 h / 6 pm, but please make your reservation early, because the number of seats is limited.
To make your reservation call  0889 797 002 or send an email to:

The buffet will finish at 21.00 h / 9 pm but you can stay longer and enjoy a drink with friends.