Dutch Indonesian Family Food Restaurant  THE DIFF
When you enter our little restaurant you will feel at home in the old Indonesian Colonial Java style. The many pictures on the walls show you the history of Indonesia and the 400-year link with the D

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Special Offer: Two Delicious & Healthy Meatballs for only 150 Baht. Homemade in our Indonesian kitchen. Enjoy this offer from 1-16 January 2019.

The DIFF only serves quality meat (low fat-high protein), vegetables and ingredients

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Like to enjoy the taste of Dutch-Indo food in the comfort of your own home?
Use our takeaway or order online in our WebShop (click here) ! In fact that is currently the main activity of the DIFF  (Dutch Indonesian Family Food).

3 to 4 hours of prep

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Indonesian Buffet Saturday 19th. January

Saturday 19th. January we will once again have our famous Indonesian BUFFET. Enjoy all the wonderful DIFF food without limit for just 350 Baht (excluding drinks). This is what you can expect: WARM DISHES:                                            COLD DISHES: Ajam Ketjap Djawa (chicken)                       Sambal Goreng Tempeh Babi Bessengek (pork)                                 Sambal […]

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New Video’s Are Ready

We recorded a few new video’s to show our latest food try-outs. Please have a look and tell us what you think. Click on the arrow in the picture BELOW to watch the video:     And here we present a new dish. Guess what it is?  

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See how we work & prepare our food

  The typical colonial Indonesian style of cooking consists of good preparation and the ‘tempo dulu’ (‘olden days’) way of cooking where taking time and patience is the key. 3 to 4 hours of simmering the meat in the sauce so the taste can really soak through……. not your typical ‘fast food’ but waiting and […]

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