A little history about Indonesian flavors

Tempo Dulu Restaurant the DIFF     Dutch-Indonesian food


Indonesian cuisine consists of different flavors per island or even per region.

Indo cuisine is also influenced by Chinese cuisine, among other things, but there is a large Dutch influence in the Ind. kitchen. e.g. the rice table was a Dutch invention with which the beer flowed generously.


                 The residential family drinking tea

         The famous terrace of the Bogerij in Surabaya



On Sumatra, where the Malays are almost all Muslim, and then the Bataks around Lake Toba, the Sumatran cuisine has an Indian and Malaysian influence; the so-called ‘padang’ style is spicy and salty.


                                    The busy street scene in Surabaya



Javanese cuisine has a milder and sweeter taste.

The Indo cuisine that we know comes from the Dutch colonial era and has its origin in Java.

Java was the center of military administration, which is where the taste comes from that suited the Dutch better than the sharp spicy ‘pedis’ from the other islands of the dutch archipelago.


On Java, however, there are also differences in cooking styles in, for example, West Java, Central Java and East Java.

– In west Java, sweet and sour dishes are often prepared and santen is often used.

– In central Java, there are mild and sweet dishes that use a lot of gula djawa.

– In East Java the dishes are more ‘pedis’ and saltier with more use of trassi or pedis.



Bali, for example, had an average Hindu population. There have been many relocations of Javanese who have moved to Bali because of religion. The Balinese cuisine is fairly sober but has a rich presentation. More vegetable dishes are also used in Balinese cuisine. Although the Balinese is surrounded by the sea, relatively little fish is eaten. Babi Guling (pig on a spit) with nasi kuning are favourites, the food is on average a bit simpler than on Java.


Tempo Dulu

We are of course talking about times long gone, the thirties.

It is difficult to find a so-called Tempo Dulu (‘the good old days’) restaurant in Java as well as in Bali. And the so-called rice table is certainly not easy to find, because it was invented for the so-called Blandas, as the Dutch colonials were called at the time.


In particular, the old Javanese typical flavors and preparation methods are still used and served by The DIFF restaurant in Ban Amphur. You can eat all kinds of Indo specialties there, but you can also order and pick up or have it delivered. Even catering is possible, whereby a complete Indonesian Colonial Buffet is provided at your own location!


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                        The well-known red bridge in Surabaya, even today

                  This boat is located in Tandjong Perak harbor in Surabaya