Indonesia BUFFET in your own home (min. 10 pax)

Buffet whenever you want it!

In addition to our weekly Saurday buffet you can also enjoy a full Indonesian Buffet at the DIFF in Ban Amphur on week days. For that you just need to bring some friends or family (minimum 10 pax) and announce your visit a few days before. That way the cooks from the DIFF can prepare the food for you in advance (remember, it takes many hours to slow-cook and simmer the dishes and then many hours to cool down slowly) using the typical ‘TEMPO DULU’ cooking method.


Or if you want to have a buffet in your own home or office, resort, bar, cafe, hotel, golf resort, just ask for the catering service. The DIFF has a lot of experience with catering buffets on all kind of different locations. Buffets are possible for any size of group, ranging from 10 to 200 persons.

The restaurant is succesfully building up it’s name and fame for that special food originating in Indonesia (mainly from the Java island) and guests are coming back regularly now to enjoy the food. And very nice: many times they bring new friends… that shows trust and appreciation!

So if you want to try, taste and enjoy those typical Indonesian specialties, phone mobile nr:  0848 832 967  (Dutch and English).  Or send an email to: or use our contact page, click here.



A perfect alternative to get to know all this different and typical ‘Indo food’ is to order a ‘Rice Table’. That way you get a variety of ingredients and taste on your plate. A little bit like a mini-buffet.

So bring friends and relatives and have some culinary fun! Please make your reservation in time, because there are only limited seats available.



A photo impression of our buffet:


This is what you can expect (dishes can change or switch):


Ajam Ketjap Djawa (chicken)

Babi Rendang (pork)

Ikan Bali (fish specialty)

Sajor Lodeh (vegetables)

Sambal Goreng Green Beans

Ajam Sate / Babi Sate

Nasi Putih / Nasi Goreng / Nasi Kuning



Sambal Goreng Tempeh

Sambal Goreng Tempeh

Sambal Goreng Kentang

Krupuk / Emping Belinjo

Atjar Tjampoer / Atjar Kitimoen

Gado Gado (vegetables)

Sambal oelek / Sambal badjak

Pisang Goreng


Of course it is possible to serve your personal favourites when doing catering in your own location.


The DIFF is open daily from Monday till Saturday from 17.00 until 22.00 h and closed every Sunday, but please make your reservation in advance to prevent disappointments.