The DIFF only serves quality meat (low fat-high protein), vegetables and ingredients

Preparing this kind of food takes a lot of time (‘tempo dulu’) and that is why we do this in advance and then deep freeze the meat and sauces.

Typical cooking takes 3 to 4 hours of simmering the meat in its marinade and gravy, then thickening while cooling down and leaving it for 2 days to get the final deep taste as result.

Other parts of our menu are being made fresh and on-the-spot in our well-equipped and very clean kitchen.

Focus is to serve you very healthy food (low calory & high protein), because that is our life philosophy, also in the fitness/gym that we run and in our own life style all through the years of body building and winning European & World Championship Titles.

The menu below shows you all the delicious food that we serve. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff what kind of meat or taste it is, because not everyone is familiar with the Indonesian names of our dishes.

To get you on the way we explain here the different names and terms:

Daging = beef

Babi = pork

Ajam = chicken

Ikan = fish

Udang = shrimp

Kambing = lamb


Have a look at the DIFF Menu and make your choice. Click on the picture below to see a larger version. And if you want you can even download it here (pdf).


TAKEAWAY is also possible. If your order online before you arrive, we can prepare your order in advance, and it will be ready for you to come and pick it up. Click here to order online.

TIP: On request we can make different dishes that are also from the Indonesian cuisine. Our menu contains the most popular and famous dishes, but other choices are possible. We call these ‘SPECIALS‘. So if you want to eat one of our ‘SPECIALS’ please phone or email us with your request and we will make time to prepare it for you.

Examples of these SPECIALS are smoked fish or mussels. Watch this short video to see how we smoke the fish (and other meat) ourselves: