See how we work & prepare our food


The typical colonial Indonesian style of cooking consists of good preparation and the ‘tempo dulu’ (‘olden days’) way of cooking where taking time and patience is the key. 3 to 4 hours of simmering the meat in the sauce so the taste can really soak through……. not your typical ‘fast food’ but waiting and giving the food time to get the best flavour. In order to do this, we prepare all our food before and keep it fresh or deep frozen while making all the fresh food on-the-spot of course. This way you get the perfect combination of tasteful and savory delightful food.

But also in the preparation and baking of our ‘normal’ meat you can see that we take the time and patience to come up with a perfect result.

Watch this short video on how we prepare RIBEYE:


See how we prepare STEAK FILET and seal it for Take Away or later use in the restaurant:


We are especially interested in quality food with healthy aspects (low calorie and high protein), prepared under clean and hygienic conditions.